Ebook Fast Jack Lynch Samuel Johnson's Insults A Compendium of Snubs Sneers Slights and Effronteries from the EighteenthCentury Master The Great

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Samuel Johnson
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Date of Publication: October 1st 2005 by Walker & Company (first published 2004) Original Title: Samuel Johnson's Insults: A Compendium of Snubs, Sneers, Slights and Effronteries from the Eighteenth-Century Master

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Lackbrain, oysterwench, wantwit, clotpoll--Samuel Johnson's famous dictionary of 1755 contained some of the ripest insults in the English language. In Samuel Johnson’s Insults, Jack Lynch has compiled more than 300 of the curmudgeonly lexicographer’s mightiest barbs, along with definitions only the master himself could elucidate.
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